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Earlier this year I announced the launch of my Business Freedom Formula strategy sessions. If you’ve found yourself asking whether these are right for you then excellent. You’ve come to the right place. I’m here to dish all the details.

So, where did the idea for these sessions come from?

Well, since the arrival of my second child, Ellis, I’ve needed to become a lot more focused. I’ve had to ditch other people’s expectations for my business, and follow my own roadmap. No mean feat!

I’m on a mission to help other business owners do the same which is why I’ve spent the best part of 2021 training as a Certified Director of Operations. This has allowed me to develop an arsenal of strategy tools to help business owners stay focused on what matters.

Enter The Business Freedom Formula. This formula is a four-stage process to help you create a custom roadmap to success – whatever success looks like for you. These sessions are ultimately there to help you do less in your business, so you can achieve more in your life and enjoy the time freedom you’re longing for.

Okay, I’m in. What happens before the first strategy session?

Once you’re all signed up, there are a few things I ask you to think about so you can get the most of our time together. This is so important to help us evaluate if you’re spending time on the things that get you closer to your personal and business goals.

This stage involves you getting off that treadmill and getting strategic by defining the mission, vision and values for your business. I also ask you to get really clear on what your ideal week looks like, what boundaries you need to set in place and evaluate what is or isn’t working now. It’s less scary than it sounds, I promise.

How do the sessions work?

The formula consists of a four-step process and that’s when the sense of space and relief kicks in.

Strategy Session
  1. The Big Business Brain Download – Once you’ve gathered all that information from out of your head and got it down on paper, we have our first 90-minute session together.


  1. Your Unique Success Roadmap – During our next two sessions, I’ll help you define what success looks like in your life and your business, take an overview of the seven key areas that influence the stability and growth of your business, and then set objectives in those areas to help you get your business to where you want it to be. I’ll then prepare a 90-day project plan for you, so you know what to focus on when.


  1. The 30-Day Success Sprint – I’ll help you identify the quick actions you can take right away to make an instant impact. The goal for these 30-days is for you to take rapid action that builds momentum, so you can see your business beginning to align with the vision you have for it. I’ll be there to support you via Voxer, email and four Momentum Maintenance calls. 


4. The Success Cycle – After 90 days, we’ll have a 60-minute video call to reflect on the progress made so far, and help you plan your priorities for the next 90 days.

My head was so full of different things but Claire’s calm and considered approach meant she was able to not only make sense of my thoughts, but fully understand them and help me move forward with them.

Holly Copson

Founder, Copson Social

So, who is the BFF right for?

Any of these scenarios sound familiar?

  • You learned how to do ‘All The Things’ that needed to be done to make your business a success, and now you are the do-er of all of the things, all of the time and it’s becoming too much.

  • You’re so busy running your successful business, you can’t see how it would be possible for it to grow, or change.

  • Free time feels like a myth. It seems impossibly far away.

  • You’ve been taking any and every opportunity that shows up, responding to problems, saying ‘yes’ to every client and signing up to all the courses. You might have forgotten to look up and see whether you are on the right trajectory to reach that goal of having a business that facilitated your life.

If you answered yes to any of the above, then BFF is for you.

Here’s a rundown of just some of the business owners it has helped

Tammy, a Virtual Assistant, wanted to level up her business. She was one year in, and kept asking herself what next? We worked together to think big picture, break down her goals into manageable actions and create an easy-to-follow roadmap for her business. Fast forward 6 months and she has expanded her team, which has freed up her time to focus on new business.

Allison, a Paid Social Media Expert, was so busy in the weeds she was missing opportunities and leaving money on the table. We spent some time setting her priorities straight which has ultimately given her a renewed sense of focus and energy.

Holly, Founder of a Social Media Agency, was struggling to set boundaries in place with her clients. She felt she was carrying on blindly with no strategic plan. We focused on putting concrete steps in place to shift her mindset and goals to that of a CEO and business owner. The result? With solid boundaries in place, she now has more time, freedom and flexibility.

Looking for more information?

To find out more and book a Connection Call, download my BFF brochure here

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