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Now spring is finally here, your thoughts are likely to be firmly placed on plans for the next 90-days. Now is a great time to think about developing your knowledge and skills and the personal development you will commit to in the next few months. Listening to podcasts from the experts in the business and marketing world can be a great way of broadening your knowledge.  Here are The Assistant Quarters’ recommendations of 10 great business podcasts you should be listening to!


1. Janet Murray

The Soulful PR Podcast is a favourite here at The Assistant Quarters.  Janet has built a successful podcast and has a huge following on social media thanks to her experience and expertise in PR and the knowledge she shares to help small business owners to promote themselves more successfully.  She has been featured in dozens of national papers and magazines, has appeared on radio and TV, and has even written a book which we highly recommend reading too! Her twice-weekly podcast is a fantastic free resource, attracting great guests to talk on a wide range of topics related to running a business & being seen online and in the press.


2. Sara Tasker

Sara Tasker’s life changed very quickly whilst on maternity leave.  Her journey to where is today all started after sharing a photo a day on Instagram in January 2013 and by April, she had a following of over 35k that has continued to grow!  Sara is a photographer, writer and creative coach with sell-out online courses.  She is passionate about helping other women find their voices online and her podcast Hashtag Authentic is a must listen for creatives and online businesses who are looking to understand social media, and all its quirks and opportunities.


3. Amy Porterfield

When Amy first started her journey into entrepreneurship she struggled with being her own boss.  She went from being the “yes girl” in the corporate world to be named by Forbes as one of the Top 50 Social Media Power Influencers and is now seen as a social media strategist and online marketing expert.  She has even written a “Dummies” book all about Facebook and now shares her practical and easy-to-digest action plans to tackle product launches, sales promotions, webinars, email list building and audience growth.


4. The Femtreprenuer Show

The Femtreprenuer Show is hosted by Mariah Coz and Megan Minns. This podcast is aimed at those who want to create, launch and sell online courses.  They get to the nitty gritty details of how to run a successful online course business.


5. Being Boss

Being Boss is hosted by Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon.  These ladies are self-proclaimed “business besties” and keep it real, telling you like it is.  They are both successful independent business owners and have combined their expertise in delivering short weekly podcasts that they call minisodes.  Their minisodes are usually less than 15 minutes long so are perfect when you only have a few minutes to spare.


6. Kim Sutton

The Positive Productivity Podcast is presented by Kim Sutton focusing on helping small business owners avoid burnout.  Kim has faced many personal challenges and now helps others to find their why, develop a strategy and implement their plans, but also allowing them to spend time with their loved ones and looking after themselves.  A perfect podcast if you are feeling overwhelmed and looking to reaffirm why you started your business.


7. Chris Ducker

Chris was a typical entrepreneur, working 14 hours a day, six days a week and barely seeing his family.  He spent more time working in his business than on it.  But after setting a one-year goal to become a Virtual CEO.  He fulfilled his mission and now works on average six hours a day and spends much more time with his family.  Chris uses his podcast to introduce listeners to top online business minds and personal brand entrepreneurs from around the world, discussing building, marketing, monetising and growing a personal brand business.


8. Podcast Divas

Podcast Divas is hosted by Kathryn Bryant who is an award-winning podcaster for co-hosting Changeability Podcast.  The podcast aims to inspire women to step into the spotlight and be heard.  Guests share their highs and lows, challenges and opportunities in honest in-depth conversations.  The podcasts are packed with practical tips, information and advice.  Topics can range from workflow and processes, services, software, equipment or productivity hacks.


9. Amy Woods

Amy Woods of Content10x helps entrepreneurs reach 10x more people online by creating content that gets noticed.  She reveals her strategies in repurposing content, her ideas, tips and tricks.  The episodes are short and sharp, making them perfect for busy entrepreneurs to digest quickly.


10. Alexia Leachman

Alexia Leachman is on a mission to build a legacy that her children would be proud of.  She runs two podcasts, The Headtrash Show and The Fear Free Childbirth.  Her first podcast, the Headtrash Show was created to raise brand awareness and build her list, but on launching her podcast, it went straight into New and Noteworthy on iTunes and was swiftly followed by a lengthy stint in their What’s Hot section.  This podcast is aimed at dealing with negative thoughts, feelings and emotions, promoting self-care.

It really was hard to only stick to 10 recommendations… others to look out for who offer short podcast series (or have just launched) are The Andrew and Pete Show, The Guide to Growth Podcast by Helena Murphy, The Small & Mighty Podcast with Sam Burgess and Dreaming and Doing with Nicky Raby.


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