So you think you’re too busy to hire a Virtual Assistant?

Outsourcing and Management

You’ve started your business to have the freedom and flexibility to work on your terms.  Your business starts to flourish and you then find that you’ve reached capacity.  You physically cannot take on any more work or orders and are struggling to keep up with demand.  It’s at this point that you understand the need to start outsourcing but are faced with the dilemma; you’re too busy to hire a virtual assistant!

This is when you need to make a decision…

You can either continue as you are, feeling overwhelmed and stressed, working every hour you can and still struggle to get everything done.  But you will eventually reach a point where you physically cannot grow your business any further.  You may even need to start turning work away.  Or, you can stop making excuses and start looking for someone to help ease the burden.

Still making excuses?

Is there an underlying reason why you aren’t ready to let go?  Maybe you are worried about the time that it will take to brief and train your VA?  Consider it this way.  If you spend an hour briefing and training your VA on various tasks that then save you five hours of your time, it is worth investing that hour?  Yes!

Concerned that your processes aren’t up to scratch?

Then why not stop wasting your time and get someone with an outside perspective to look at them for you?  Not only will it save you time, but the chances are your VA has done this for other companies and can make suggestions to help things run smoothly.

Not ready to let go?

The most common reason is actually that people aren’t ready to let go of the work.  But your business will be limited to what you can deliver unless you are willing to let others get involved.  If you aren’t willing to take action, you will continue your journey along this unproductive cycle.

Take action…

If you have made the decision that you want to continue growing and take your business to the next level, it’s time to create a plan.  Do you already have a virtual assistant in mind?  Can you ask your connections for recommendations?  What do you want to outsource?  Can you write down some brief instructions to do a handover?  Invest the time in preparing to outsource, because it will help you and your business in the long run.

Keep it simple…

If you are struggling with the idea of what you can handover, start off with the simple tasks to get you started.  Maybe it’s scheduling your social media, updating your email lists or following up with leads.  You can then build up over time and start passing more work over, giving you even more freedom and flexibility!

Ready to start delegating?

The Assistant Quarters is a team of virtual assistants and social media specialists. With a wide range of skills and a flexible approach, we make it easy for you to get the support you need, as and when you need it.

Book in for a discovery call to chat about your options.

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