8 Quick Wins for Social Media Success

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OK, so how much time do you think you’re spending on social media over the course of a week? Too much? Don’t get to the stage where you feel like your phone is always in your hand, and managing the social media accounts for your business and for yourself is taking over your life. Here are our tips on essential tools, apps, time-savers and best practice so you can feel in control of the day to day management of your platforms, with these quick wins for social media success.

1. Don’t spend time searching – let the news and articles come to you

There are several tools you can use to make finding content hassle-free (that’s what we like to hear!)  The trick is to use a news aggregator to pull all the news and articles from around the web into one place. One of our favourites is Right Relevance but you might also like to try Feedly and Nuzzel.

Try setting up Google Alerts to monitor any topics of interest, news, keywords, trends, mentions …… you get the idea! It’s easy to set up and the content comes to you (or your inbox!) for you to look at when you want.  Great for checking when you have a spare 5 minutes.

2. Find an article – read it when you have time

Pocket is a must have – it allows you to save content (blogs, news, videos) so you can read it when you have time.  It’s also a great way to store content and save it with tags and can be accessed from any device.

In terms of making your social media easier, it gives you a place to collect and save content so you can build up a bank of content to share across your platforms.

3. Make monitoring and checking Twitter quick and easy

Twitter Lists – Not everyone uses these, but they are amazing – life changing even! Basically, you can sort people into groups or ‘lists’ which you can make public, so anyone can see the list and subscribe to it, or keep it private -for your eyes only. It’s a great way to keep all the people you want to keep an eye on (for whatever reason!) in one place.

The best bit, you don’t have to follow the people in your list – but by putting them in your list it means you can see their tweets on your list feed. Great for a bit of competitor analysis, or just making it easy to see what your influencers are tweeting about without going through all your feed.

4. Don’t waste time posting as you go – use a scheduler

Don’t get us wrong, there’s nothing wrong with some ad-hoc, on the go tweeting and posting. But you don’t want to be doing this for every tweet and post or you really won’t get anything else done!  Instead, set aside some time once a week and schedule all your posts and tweets to go out throughout the week.

There are some great schedulers out there which make scheduling and managing your social media accounts simple. Both Buffer and Hootsuite for example, let you schedule across different platforms and to different accounts, and they’re easy to use on both Desktop and Mobile – so you still have the option to schedule content on the go, as you see it!

5. Remember to take a step back and listen!

Social listening, listening to and monitoring what other people are talking about, what they’re doing and if they are talking about you/ your brand, is something that doesn’t have to be time-consuming – and it can also be done on the go.

Hootsuite can monitor all your social media accounts and can be organised into streams so you can easily see what’s happening and what people are saying.  For example, you can have a stream set up for a keyword, a hashtag, any mentions of you, a competitor….. the list of possibilities is long! All you need to do, is log in, look at all the streams and respond/ comment from there – piece of cake!

6. Creating great looking graphics just got easy!

You don’t need to be a designer to create graphics or text images for any of your social media platforms! Word swag or Canva are simple to use on your mobile so you can be creating a few graphics to post whenever you have a few minutes free.

7. Make your Instagram feed look amazing

Creating an Instagram feed that looks polished, appealing and thought-out is not difficult with Later.  It helps you build up a bank of content, and lets you visually plan, manage and schedule it to go out on both your desktop and mobile.

8. Get the best picture possible

There are hundreds of apps that allow you to crop, edit and play with your photos on the go.  Be Funky is a photo editor and collage maker which is accessible on mobile and desktop. It’s super easy to use and puts the fun into photo editing! Adobe Photoshop Mix is a great app which gives you Photoshop editing on your mobile.  Just be careful as it’s easy to get carried away! Both of these are available on both Android and iOS.


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