7 Ways A Virtual Assistant Can Save You An Hour A Day (And Your Sanity!)

Outsourcing and Management

Have you ever wished there were more hours in the day?  Needing an extra hour to finish off that task, head to the gym, have a pamper session or spend time with your family; we all wish we had more time. There are many ways that outsourcing could save you time, so here are our 7 tasks you could outsource to a virtual assistant that could save you an hour a day (and your sanity!).

Social Media

The likes of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (to name a few) have become a fundamental part of our everyday marketing.  Using social media is the perfect way to not only advertise our products and services but also to update and engage with our customers.  However, it takes up a large proportion of our time to ensure we are represented on the right platforms, at the right time, with interesting and engaging content.

By outsourcing to a virtual assistant means you can appear active and visible on social media without doing the work in the background.  They can create a strategy, the content and schedule your posts, ensuring your existing and potential customers feel your presence.


Research is time consuming but a necessary task.  Do you need some market research on a particular product, service or your competition?  Looking for the best price for a particular product or service?  Or maybe you want some help finding the best price for your next holiday or suitable training courses for your team.  Whatever the need, research takes up a lot of time and your time is precious.  Give the brief to a VA and they can do the legwork for you.  They can then summarise their findings for you to read or make a decision in your own time.

Email Marketing

Creating content and manipulating templates for your email marketing takes time.  You know that one piece of text that no matter what option you click, the line spacing is off, you can’t quite get the right font and the sizing just doesn’t look right.  You then realise you have spent an hour just trying to format that one paragraph and still have the rest of the document to go through!!  Why not pass the raw content over to a virtual assistant and allow them to spend the time creating something perfect for you.  If your VA uses the site regularly they will know every trick in the book, and what just took you an hour to format will take them 5 minutes.

Blog writing

Blogging has become an important marketing tool for businesses.  It not only demonstrates your knowledge and expertise but is a great marketing tool to increase your online presence.  But it’s another time-consuming task.  If you have a topic in mind and a few points you want to include, why not outsource to a virtual assistant to research and create the post for you?

Chase invoices

It goes without saying that we are in business to make money.  We do the work, send the invoice and then start working on new tasks and projects.  But what happens when someone doesn’t pay?  Do you turn down work to chase up outstanding invoices, or do you take new work and forget about the money owed to you?  Remove the hassle and difficult decision by asking a virtual assistant to manage your invoicing.  They can keep track, review and follow up with clients until your money is received.  In the meantime, you have had the time to make even more money!

Email management

Email is a big part of our everyday lives that can easily take over our working day.  A great way to filter through the spam messages and get to the emails you really need and want to see is by hiring a virtual assistant to do the filtering for you.  They can dip in, delete, file, action or highlight things for you to action, giving you more time to respond to the messages that need your attention.


We want our content to appear professional and demonstrate the quality products and services we can deliver.  How often have you read something you have written over and over again checking for spelling, grammar and consistencies to then re-read again but still not confident it delivers what you are trying to achieve?  Using the four-eye principle is a no-brainer.  When we read something we have written, we can glaze over the words in front of us and ‘read’ what is in our heads.  Stop wasting your time reading the same text over and over again and pass it to a virtual assistant to read through for you.

Want to save yourself an hour a day?

The Assistant Quarters is a team of virtual assistants and social media specialists. With a wide range of skills and a flexible approach, we make it easy for you to get the support you need, as and when you need it.

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