Insightful Questions For Mid-Year Reflections & H2 Goal Setting

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Why should you complete a mid-year review?


As business owners, we tend to put a lot of focus and importance on conducting end-of-year reviews and making big plans for the year ahead at the start of a new year. We make resolutions to change our work or launch exciting new projects.

But what if things change and the year doesn’t go as you had hoped or planned?

I would argue that rigid annual plans become quickly outdated. Particularly in present times, as we recover from a pandemic and face a cost of living crisis.

Most of us, therefore, should be refreshing our plans quarterly and tracking progress against our goals & KPIs monthly. If you are using the summer months to reflect on the year so far, I’d like to guide you through my mid-year review process.

I hope that you find this blog and the accompanying workbook helpful.

When you’re ready to complete your mid-year review, escape your usual desk/office space for an hour or two. Find your favourite notebook & pens, eliminate all distractions and grab your drink & snack of choice.

You’ll need to allow yourself at least an hour to reflect. You can then take time to refocus your plans for the next few months and decide on projects that will bring you joy and help you to grow a business that excites you, with the right team around you to help you get there.


Ask Yourself Reflective Questions


Asking yourself these questions can feel challenging, but if you answer honestly, they’ll give you all the insights you need to move forward positively.

If you’ve been feeling stuck or things aren’t working in your business as well as they should, these questions will help. Equally, if things are going well, they will give you the chance to celebrate your wins so you can keep doing more of what you’re doing.

1. What were my goals at the beginning of the year?

2. Did I achieve those goals? Do I need to carry them forward to the rest of the year, or have things changed?

3. What do I love doing in my business, and what do I wish I could do more or less of?

4. Are there projects I’m working on or services that I offer that no longer feel in alignment with how I want my business to look? 

5. What behaviours or weekly actions would help me to stay focused on my goals?

6. Is there something on my wish list that I want to learn, experience, create or launch before the end of the year?

7. Do I have the right team around me to achieve my goals? Who would I like to work more closely with? What gaps do I need to fill in my team? 

8. What does my audience need from me right now? What are they struggling with? How can I serve them better?

9. Are my personal and brand values reflected in my work and how I work with others?

10. What can I change in my routine to ensure I work within the boundaries I deserve to uphold? Am I dedicating enough time to tasks/projects that will get me closer to my vision?

11. What has been my biggest challenge this year, and what can I learn from the experience?

12. What can I feel proud of myself for so far this year? What would success look like to me at the end of the year?

You may wish to use a journal to answer these questions, or you may find it helpful to talk them through with a business buddy or mentor. 

Once you’ve worked through these, I’ve put together a workbook that will help you on the next stage of your mid-year review – the chance to look forward.

My Mid-Year Review Workbook

This workbook will help you to take the insights, thoughts and ideas from your reflections so you can refocus your goals and intentions, ready to finish the year strong.

It will also help you pull out the projects and priorities you need to focus on in the second half of the year.

If you find the workbook helpful, I’d love to hear how you found the mid-year review process and whether it’s given you the clarity and direction you needed to move forward.

Happy planning!

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