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Meet the Team

Team Member Profile: Let us introduce you to Helen, our Digital Mum. Helen joined the team in November 2017 after graduating from the Digital Mums Social Media Management Course. Claire and Helen met on their training when they were both placed in the same peer group (affectionately nicknamed the #RunDMCrew) and the group have supported each other ever since. If you need a Social Media Manager for B2B or B2C campaigns then the team 

Who I am

I’ve made a career out of my passion, which is helping people communicate and get their message across. From CEO’s to politicians; executives to managers; graduates to the retired – I’ve had the pleasure of helping and training so many people, from a range of backgrounds, cultures and industries.  Having made the transition from a Language and Communication Trainer to Social Media Manager, it still surprises me how many similarities there are between the two roles!

In my spare time, when I’m not on social media (which to be fair has somewhat taken over!) I love spending time with my family, getting out and about and discovering more of the Kent coast and countryside. I feel really lucky to have this on my doorstep – it makes a change from Italian mountains and lakes which I had in the past! I’m also into health and fitness – and run a local wellbeing and fitness campaign (on social media, obviously!!) encouraging mums to take time for themselves and get more active.

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Training and Support

After having my second child I decided to retrain in social media as it’s something I was interested in and relied on myself!  Plus, it meant I could use a lot of my skills and experience from my training background like creativity, planning, research and organising. It also gave me the chance to work around my family.  I graduated from the Digital Mums Social Media Management course last year and have never looked back!

What do I love about Social Media? The fact that you can keep up to date with everything and everyone, and it’s so easy to engage with other people.  Plus, the fact that no day is the same and there is so much to keep up to date with – whether it’s another Facebook algorithm change (these do seem to be daily sometimes!) the latest apps to help schedule or create content, or what is trending – there’s always something!

Why Hire a Social Media Manager

We all know how much time it takes to run a business and a family, without having to add the demands of social media into the mix.  There are lots of reasons why it might be time for you to hire a social media manager. A social media manager can offer a range of support to free up some of your time and energy, which include:

  • carrying out an audit of your channels and suggesting improvements
  • devising a social media strategy based on your business objectives
  • creating branded content, curating content and scheduling it to go out
  • advising you on what channels would work best for your business
  • running a short-term campaign to drive engagement or brand awareness
  • the day to day scheduling, engagement and management of your channels

It all depends on your needs, there’s no one-size fits all when it comes to social media which is why I love this job!

Joining the team at The Assistant Quarters

It’s great to have joined the team here at The Assistant Quarters and be working alongside fellow Digital Mums. Knowing that we have all had the same training means we all have the same approach and understanding of what makes great social media.

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