Why Hiring a VA Could Be The Key to Scaling Your Business

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When running a business you will get to a point where things are ticking over nicely.  You have enough money coming in, you have the boss life balance you were after.  But there may come a time when you start to think about how you are going to grow your business.  Spending time in your business could prevent you from growing it.  Could hiring a Virtual Assistant (VA) be the key to scaling your business?

You could try and do it all…

But what if you then lose the balance you have and end up feeling frustrated, exhausted or even burnt out?  Would you need to sacrifice time with your family?  Even your ‘me’ time going to the gym or seeing friends?  Would you need to increase childcare to give you the extra time you need?

Maybe you should hire an employee?

There is the option that you could employ someone to take some of the burden.  But do you really want the headache and responsibility of managing someone and having to think about payroll or sickness and holiday pay?  And what happens if you don’t have enough work to employ them on a full-time, permanent basis?

This is where using a VA could be the perfect fit for you.


Here is why hiring a VA could be the key to scaling your business

Free up your time

Are you spending a lot of time in your business rather than on it?  Do you spend time chasing up payments, updating your systems and reports?  Or do you just generally loathe creating the same old newsletter month in, month out?  These are all things that will help to engage and connect with your existing customers, but what is bringing in new clientele?  All of these tasks could be delegated to a VA, allowing you to focus your efforts on your marketing, on your products, meeting with new customers and ultimately bringing in more business.

Pay for the time you need

A VA is a more manageable expense than an employee.  You only pay for the hours you need and the time they are physically working.  You don’t have the committed expense associated with an employee’s salary, tax, national insurance, pension etc.

Expert support

Generally most VAs have a wide skill set, or may even have a team of associate VAs who specialise in different areas.  You could outsource your marketing, social media, bookkeeping, diary management, website maintenance and SEO all under the same contract!

It’s also worth remembering that a lot of VAs will invest in their own personal development ensuring that they stay up to date with different software and trends, with no expense to you the customer.

But don’t forget, VAs work on a self-employed basis so not only are they an expert in things like marketing, web design or generally getting things done, they are also a business owner and can understand and appreciate the daily tasks and challenges you face in running a business.

Get your systems in order

There are a lot of systems out there for small businesses.  But which one is right for you?  What systems could you use to help you run your business smoothly and efficiently?

Virtual Assistants work for a number of different clients.  They use a wide variety of systems and applications on a daily basis.  If you find a VA who specialises in your industry or who has a knack for systems and processes, they will be able to review your current working practices and suggest ways to improve not only your efficiency, but also your output.  They could help get you up and running and working smarter.

They’re a business owner

You may think of them as admin support, but don’t forget that a virtual assistant is a business owner too.  They have the same responsibilities and processes that come with running a business on a day to day basis so will have a better understanding of the challenges you face.  But they enjoy and are good at the things you hate or don’t have time for.

Keep your sanity

If you started your business from something you were passionate about, when you start to feel stretched you can sometimes lose focus and drive.  We aren’t machines and we still need time out to do the things we want and spend time with those we love.  Trying to do it all doesn’t work, so if you want to grow your business and take it to the next level, call in help to get you there.

Need help to manage your #bosslifebalance

The Assistant Quarters is a team of virtual assistants and social media specialists. With a wide range of skills and a flexible approach, we make it easy for you to get the support you need, as and when you need it.

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