About Us

So who are we?

The Assistant Quarters team were brought together by our Founder, Claire Grace. We are a team of trusted, like-minded Virtual Assistants, Event Managers and Social Media Managers who all share common values. Bringing together a range of skills and experience, all of the team are passionate about giving great customer service whilst being innovative and creative with their ideas on how best to help make clients lives easier.

Our mission?

To provide top-notch support to all our clients, when they need it, however they need it. No two clients are the same. So, before we start working with any new clients we like to understand exactly what makes you and your businesses tick and get to the root of the pain points that stop you from growing your business or finding the right #bosslifebalance.

All of our team are experienced in working virtually and we can support you wherever in the UK you are located.

Find out more about our team or to explore how we can help you, please do get in touch for an initial chat!