Your Bespoke Business Freedom Formula

Do less in your business, so you can achieve more in your life…

and enjoy that  time freedom you’re longing for.

You had such a beautiful vision of a business that worked in harmony with your life.

A business that gave you a decent income, job satisfaction and time freedom.

A business that facilitated your life.

What the hell happened?

Let me have a guess at your story, and if I get it right, then there’s an excellent chance I’ll be able to help you get your business and life back on the pathway you originally set out on.

Stage 1

The Hopeful Dreamer

You left behind your corporate career and leapt towards a life of self-employment, filled with hopes, dreams and ambitions of a lucrative business that allowed you not only evenings and weekends, but even mid-week time-off.

Time with your family. Time for yourself. So much lovely time.

Stage 2

The Determined Doer

You knew it would take work. You were happy to do the work. You did the work, and made the money, and built the business. You were sure that the lovely, lovely free time was on its way soon, just as soon as you… launch this next product…or take this next course….or set up this new funnel….or {insert someone else’s prescription for how you should run your business here}. As soon as your business is making enough money, you’ll grow your team, organise your systems, and start enjoying that lovely, lovely free time.

Stage 3

The Bottleneck

(I can help you if you are here)

You learned how to do All The Things that needed to be done to make your business a success, and now you are the do-er of All The Things All The Time. You are so busy running your successful business, you can’t see how it would be possible for it to grow, or change. How can you stop doing the things long enough to build a team? Or create new offers? Or develop more efficient ways of doing things? It’s hard to envision any reality other than the one you’re living day after day. And that lovely free time? It never came. And it seems impossibly far away. You are limiting the growth of your business. And you are limiting your enjoyment of your life.

You’ve been taking any and every opportunity that shows up, responding to problems, saying ‘yes’ to every client, signing up to all the courses. You’ve been so busy that you forgot to look up and see whether you were on the right trajectory to reach that goal of having a business that facilitated your life.

Hi, I’m Claire

I help business owners reconnect with the vision they have for their life and their business, and create their own bespoke roadmap to take them there.

I’m a certified Director of Operations trained in strategic planning and I use boardroom-level strategy tools and techniques with small business owners (don’t worry, I leave the corporate jargon out of it, and we don’t need to wear a suit and tie).

Claire Grace, founder and director of The Assistant Quarters, included to show the woman behind the brand.

I’ve managed to get so many priorities straight. From what/where I need to prioritise for my own biz content to seeing where I’m wasting money, leaving money on the table and missing opportunities. It’s a real eye opener and incredibly worthwhile.”

Allison Christie
Allison Christie Online
Claire Grace, founder and director of The Assistant Quarters, included to show the woman behind the brand.

The sessions with Claire allowed me to think more clearly about the future of my business. I am much more precious about my time because of the ‘working schedule’ we discussed and I’m excited to implement some simple standard operating procedures to help onboard new staff”

Moira Barnes Sales Consultancy & Training

Claire Grace, founder and director of The Assistant Quarters, included to show the woman behind the brand.

During the BFF sessions, Claire helped to turn the tangle in my brain into simple systems and processes. She got me organised and offered a much-valued sounding board for advice and guidance. Thank you for your calm and unflappable approach.

Katie Treggiden

Claire Grace, founder and director of The Assistant Quarters, included to show the woman behind the brand.

I booked a BFF session because I was really struggling to manage the growth in my business. I was constantly putting out fires. The sessions helped me to think more carefully about the number of projects I’m taking on and to be more focused on hunting down the things that I could delegate. Things are now running much more smoothly!

the maker’s business toolkit

Claire Grace, founder and director of The Assistant Quarters, included to show the woman behind the brand.

I had reached a point in my business where I was drowning. Claire put structure around my thoughts and encouraged me to put processes and procedures in place. I have now finally found some time and space to think about marketing and sales which had fallen completely by the wayside.”

tanya bentley
Interior Designer

Claire Grace, founder and director of The Assistant Quarters, included to show the woman behind the brand.

I was looking for some help to improve the systems and processes within my growing VA agency. Working with Claire, I now better understand how to manage my team. My operations are running more smoothly, and I have more structure in place. Claire also helped me identify where I was spending money unnecessarily.”

founder, beam

Your Investment

£1,995 (payment plan options available)

Want to know more?

Download the brochure to read:

More about my four step Business Freedom Formula

What’s included in the BFF strategy sessions + post BFF support

More kind words and case studies from happy BFF clients


Will these sessions still be useful if I’m working with a Business Coach?

Absolutely! A business coach may go through some similar exercises with you like helping you to nail your ideal client, or looking at your mission/core values. But as a certified Director of Operations, with a background in Operations and Project Management I can help you bring those concepts into your strategy, and help you break down your goals into a realistic and actionable 12 month plan.

Do you offer a payment plan for your BFF sessions?

Absolutely! You will have the option to pay in full or in three monthly instalments. All I ask is that your 1st invoice should be paid before our first strategy call takes place.

Could we meet for an in-person VIP Day to work through the Business Freedom Formula in one-day?

I love running strategy sessions in person but I know that’s not always practical for people. If you’d like to discuss VIP day options please get in touch. I’m based in Croydon so have the lovely Birch, Seslsdon on more doorstep but can also travel to London and surrounding areas.

I want to hire a Director of Operations (DOO) - do you work with people on a monthly retainer?

Yes I do! I also work on a project basis to get clients businesses foundations or their ‘back of house’ in order. However, I only work with a small number of clients on a 1:1 basis at a time so that I can give them my all and really dive deep into their businesses. I’m normally booked up 2-3 months in advance for projects and monthly retainers are available from £1,500 per month depending on the scope of work. Before I can start working on a retainer with you, we will first need to start with the Business Freedom Formula so we can be sure we’re focussing on the right priorities during out time together.

The sessions sound great, should I invest in the Business Freedom Formula if my business is brand new?

The impact of these sessions can be HUGE but they work best if you’ve been in business for at least 12 months and are generating sufficient income that you either want to build a small team, or already have a few team members in place (like a VA). That said, if you can get your Business Foundations in place from the very beginning, you can short cut a whole learning curve and mistakes in your early days – I’d love to help new business owners too so down the line, I hope to have something to offer you guys too. For now, stay in touch, join my mailing list for hints and tips and let’s chat again once you are thinking about scaling your business or hiring a team.

Is a Director of Operations the same as an OBM but with a fancier name!?

Glad you asked! Not quite, although we do have some overlap in the work that we do. At the core, my focus is on strategy and project/business management. I’ve got a blog coming soon on this with some more details but a DOO is a leadership role. For example, when I work with clients long term, I’ll manage the team and work with the OBM/VA, and any other contractors you may work with to ensure you get the very best results out of them. By managing the team for you, your time is freed up to do the big picture work and have the space to be the Visionary I know you love to be!

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