Accelerator Day

For VAs and OBMs

A day of remote coaching with Claire (founder of The Assistant Quarters and Certified Director of Operations) to support you as you prepare to bring on board your next (or first) associate.

Are you a VA or OBM?

Are you looking to expand your capacity by bringing onboard an associate VA?

Would you like some help with that?

By the end of your Accelerator Day you will have:

 A job description ready to be posted, to attract the best candidates for your opportunity

Selection criteria to help you easily create your shortlist

Questions and prompts so you’re confident you’ll get the most out of your interviews

Onboarding checklist so you can get your new team member up and running as quickly as possible.

Hi, I’m Claire

I’m the founder of The Assistant Quarters, which means I am deeply experienced at finding, interviewing and onboarding associates onto my team.

There’s no need to muddle through alone.

Join me for an Accelerator Day and you will get:

20 minute kick-off call with me to establish the goal of our day together

Access to me all day via voice messaging app Voxer

Plus the opportunity to send me your job description, selection criteria and interview questions for my feedback

Sample job descriptions to inspire you

Template job description to help you start writing yours

Suggested selection criteria – the list is extensive, with prompts to encourage you to think about what really matters to you

My complete interview preparation guide covering not only which questions to ask, but what responses to look for, and how to prompt a nervous candidate

My Onboarding Workbook to help you develop an onboarding checklist that’s right for your business

Accelerator Day

For VAs and OBMs