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I’m a service-based business owner and I’d like to outsource some work to VAs or OBMs – working with The Assistant Quarters Team

Our team of experienced VAs and OBMs are here to pick up some of your workload so you can focus on the activities that benefit most from your personal input. Click here to find out more about the ways in which we can support you and your business, how we can get started.

For service-based businesses who are making a consistent income and are ready to grow their capacity, without having to recruit an employee.

Working with The Assistant Quarters has meant we can focus on the jobs that only we can do. It’s been such a relief and makes our days way less stressful and our jobs lists so much shorter. You’re amazing and we highly recommend!




I’m a service-based business owner and I need to make strategic changes to my business so I can do less work and experience more freedom in my life – working 1-1 with Claire.

You had such a beautiful vision of a business that worked in harmony with your life. And you’ve worked hard to achieve a successful business. But the reality is a lot more pressured, time-poor and stress-rich than you’d imagined it would be. Work with Claire 1-1 (CEO of The Assistant Quarters and a Certified Director of Operations) to create your Bespoke Business Freedom Formula to get your life, and business back on track towards the vision

For owners of a successful service-based business who are eager to experience more freedom in their life, while reconnecting with the vision they have for their life and their business, and create their own bespoke roadmap to take them there.

If you are a visionary, Claire will bring your vision to life.

I’ve been working with her for over a year now; she’s my right-hand woman.

Katya Varbanova

Founder & CEO, LiveStreamKatya


I’m a VA/OBM and I want to grow my business

Head on over here if you’re a VA or OBM who would like to:

  • Grow their client list (and income) by joining The Assistant Quarters team
  • Expand their capacity by adding an associate VA to their team
  • Move to an agency model so you can grow your business, while enjoying more freedom (yes, more clients can mean less working hours for you!)